Precious Bibles, bravely delivered

Tuesday, May 05th, 2015

Roya packed her case carefully, knowing the huge danger she was facing.  Taking a deep breath, she glanced across at her friends with whom she’d spent her holiday. She saw in their eyes the same trepidation that she herself was feeling. But this precious cargo was worth the risk.

Covering the Bibles and Christian books with her own clothes and possessions, she zipped up her suitcase and joined her friends to pray. “Father, protect us as we travel home to our country. Help us to get these resources safely to our families, and to other brothers and sisters who so need them. Blind the eyes of those who might search our bags.”

Roya’s plane landed the next morning. She watched as her luggage approached the security scanner. Her heart hammered. Just as her case passed through the scanner, the security guard was called by a colleague and looked away from his screen. Sighing with relief, Roya praised the Lord for his deliverance.

Roya was later able to share out the resources to underground believers who were hungry for encouragement.  Pray with us for the many ordinary believers like Roya who bravely chose to transport the Bible into Iran.

Pray for:

  • The believers Roya was able to encourage with her gifts
  • More Bibles to get safely to Iran
  • Safety for brave believers carrying this cargo