President Ahmadinejad, still under pressure from his own colleagues

Wednesday, June 01st, 2011

Last month the President got embroiled in a dispute with the office of the Supreme Leader over the sacking of the Intelligence Minister Heyder Moslehi, who was later reinstated. Now the President is facing criticism for cutting back the number of ministries, and taking over the oil ministry himself which accounts for about 80% of the government’s income. Parliament has called the move illegal and has referred the case to the judiciary. The Guardian Council has also called the President’s actions a ‘violation’ of the constitution. The President however insists that he is completely within his rights to streamline the administration. While none in the higher echelons of government are sympathetic to the cause of the church, it is still the duty of Christians to pray for all those who are in authority so ordinary people can live peaceful lives.

Pray for

• Resolution of present tension that will benefit the people of Iran
• Righteousness in government
• Government to become sympathetic to church