Prison and arrests continue, but interest in Christ still on increase

Saturday, November 05th, 2011

Christians are still being held in prison solely for their faith, and others are being arrested. According to Mohabat News the latest believer to be arrested is Fariborz Arazm. The forty four year old father of two was taken from his home in Robat Karim in the early hours of October 17th, and his home searched. There is no further news. There is also little news of other Christians still known to be in prison, such as Noorollah Qabitizade held in Ahvaz for about ten months, and Farshid Fathi-Malayeri, held in Evin prison since December 26th 2011.
Despite the ongoing pressure on Christians, the interest ordinary Iranians have in Christ continues unabated. Contacts with Christians who share their faith all have the same theme – Iranians want to hear about Christ, and they love to receive a New Testament. One evangelist who had given out thousands of New Testaments reports that not one had been returned. Even those who look as if they would never want the Christian Scriptures warmly receive them. This evangelist passed such a man and first thought it would be best just to somehow leave a New Testament for him to find. A meeting could have been too confrontational. But he felt led to say something, and when he did and presented the New Testament, the man who had appeared so hostile, said he had always wanted to read about Jesus

Pray for:

• Those still in prison
• Their families
• For continued distribution of New Testaments