Questions about Jesus? Christians are online

Thursday, May 02nd, 2013

Nasrin, from one of Iran’s main cities, had many questions about Jesus. But there was no one she could ask about Him. Her family were devout Muslims. She was fearful of what her friends would think. And she did not know any Christians.

But one day she discovered a website where people openly asked their questions about faith, and genuine Christians were available to answer. Her discovery was one that would change her life. Her questions were answered and she gave her heart to Jesus. Now she is being discipled by believers online.

Nasrin's story is echoed again and again as daily Internet meetings introduce people to Christ and help them grow in faith. Once there is evidence of maturity, some members of the online ‘congregations’ are put in touch with local house-churches, and some are even recommended for regional theological training courses.

Pray for:

• Many more to come to faith in Iran through the internet
• Wisdom for internet pastors as they consider who they can safely recommend to house churches and training courses
• Energy for internet pastors who minister for long hours at a time