Ramadan: raising questions

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Along with the rest of the Muslim world, Iran is fasting this month from dawn to night fall. On the street restaurants and cafes will be closed. There will be no eating, not a sip of water should be drunk during the day.

At night it is all change. There is almost a festival atmosphere in the air. Usually families and friends will gather to break the fast as night falls with a special meal known as Iftar. People will stay up late, walking the streets and socializing. So in Tehran this year cinemas are showing films all through the night. Then a good meal is eaten just before dawn. This is Suhoor. It is not surprising there is perhaps more sleeping during the day.

Some will not observe the fast, however millions will. It is a part of the Shia Muslim identity. Yes, it’s not easy, especially not being able to drink in the blistering summer heat. But like the rest of us, Iranian Muslims like to be faithful to their customs.

And many sincerely believe that God will bless them because they are fasting.

And here the questions come. In many testimonies of Iranian Muslims who turn to Christ, they will say, ‘I fasted, but God was silent. There was no reply.' Then they hear that Jesus is alive and answers prayer, and a journey begins.

It is wise for Christians to pray that God reveals Christ to all those who are fasting during Ramadan.


Pray for

  • Millions to question why God is silent when they fast
  • Supernatural revelation of Jesus Christ to sincere seekers after God
  • Courage for Christians to witness