Refugees in Europe: sharing Christ with their families in Iran

Monday, July 25th, 2016

More than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe in 2015, and the inflow of people has continued unabated in 2016. The mass movement of people away from their homelands is a tragic symptom of chaos and brokenness in the world.  But God can shine light into any darkness.

Many churches across Europe are opening their doors and their hearts to the incoming refugees. Individuals and families are hearing the good news of Jesus for the first time, and seeing it in action as they are loved and cared for.  Persian-speaking refugees (Iranians and Afghans) are particularly open to the gospel, and many are coming to Christ.

As these Iranians and Afghan refugees come to Christ, they are in turn sharing the gospel with friends and family at home.

In the past four months alone, Elam has sent Persian-language Scriptures to over a dozen cities in Iran. They have gone to families of refugees who have come to Christ in Europe.

Amid of the chaos of the refugee crisis, God is at work and his word is shining brightly.

Pray for

  • The many churches and ministries seeking to serve and love refugees in Europe
  • Many refugees to find salvation, strength and comfort in the gospel
  • New believers to increasingly share Christ with family and friends back home.