Revolutionary Guards, and the individual conscience

Monday, September 05th, 2011

The Revolutionary Guards, or Sepah as they are known in Iran, have a lot of power. Originally they were formed by Ayatollah Khomeini to guard the values of the revolution. This is what sadly brings them into contacts with Christians. They keep an eye on them on the false assumption that Christians pose a threat to their state. In fact Christians in Iran have never posed a threat to any government. But while the rhetoric of a revolution demand that the guards act ruthlessly towards defenceless Christians, breaking down their homes, stealing their Bibles and other precious items, and even dragging them off to prison, still as individuals they have a conscience which can soften the cruelty they are being asked to administer. Christians can also come across Sepah in their working lives. For now the Guards control vast swathes of the economy, so a Christian can easily find his employer is in fact Sepah, or if he is an independent service provider, his invoices are going to their offices. This gives the Guards an opportunity to exhibit greed. For once they discover that someone is a Christian they can steal from them. They can refuse to pay what they owe, ‘on religious grounds’. But again, personal conscience can make them hesitate.

Pray for

• Personal conscience of individual guards to convict
• Christian witness to guards to be courageous
• Guards to treat Christians with respect and kindness.