Revolutionary Guards, more than guards and needing prayer

Tuesday, November 03rd, 2009

The Revolutionary Guards, storm troopers of the Islamic Republic, are certainly an influential institution. They have at least 125,000 infantry, and they control the volunteer Basijis who number half a million, probably more. They also control vast swathes of the economy, including about $12 billion of the building and engineering sector. Originally founded to defend the revolution, they are no longer just guards: they almost are the government, their influence felt everywhere. Though joined to an institution hostile to Christianity, these men (and some women) can still turn to Christ, as have soldiers throughout the church’s history. And their reputation for repression can change. In short, Jesus Christ can touch lives in the Revolutionary Guards and to this end we should fervently pray.

Pray for

  •  Supernatural outpouring of Holy Spirit on Revolutionary
  • Salvation of hundreds in the Revolutionary Guards
  • Their leaders to use their influence for justice and compassion