Roller Coaster Economy, but some Christians are shining

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Another week, another roller coaster ride for the Iranian economy. The up was due to inflation, and the steep sweep down was due to the deteriorating value of the rial against the dollar. At one point it was nearly 40,000 rials for one dollar. A little trip abroad became a fantasy vacation for millions.

Some of the stress has been turning into more vocal anger, especially against the President and his cutting of subsidies on basic commodities last year. This was lauded by the International Monetary Fund, but now there are loud calls in parliament for the second part of this plan to be halted. The irony in all of this is that President Ahmadinejad won votes on his promise to put oil money on people’s tables. In the end, he couldn’t deliver, though the oil money keeps on pouring in and its unlikely there will a general economic meltdown.

The people who are feeling sick on this roller coaster ride are the vast majority of hard working Iranians, including all the Christians. However, some of these believers have a beautiful testimony: God provided. Instead of groaning over the agony of their ride, they are shining. And this is attracting others to a life in Christ.

Pray for

• Economy to stabilize
• Christians to see God miraculously provide
• Many to be won to faith through witness of believers