Rouhani and Obama at the UN: the smouldering fire can be put out.

Monday, September 30th, 2013

A fire smoulders - Iran’s nuclear program. If it bursts into flames the whole Middle East will be dragged into a furnace of destruction.

Now Tehran and Washington want to do whatever it takes to put this smouldering fire out. This was made clear at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday (9/24/2013) when President Rouhani said Iran was ‘prepared to engage immediately in ...talks’, while President Obama said, ‘We should be able to achieve a resolution..’ This determination was then sealed with a historic phone call between Obama and Rouhani, the first between a US and Iran president for over thirty years.

There is everything to pray for. In 2008 both Israel and the US mounted large military exercises widely seen as rehearsals for an attack on Iran. Many believed that conflict was inevitable.

But Christians have been praying. The expected war has not started; instead the two main players have said they want peace. Let’s continue to pray fervently that the smouldering fire of Iran’s dispute with the West over its nuclear program is put out.

Pray for
• Presidents Rouhani and Obama
• Foreign ministers Zarif and Kerry
• The fire to be put out