Rouhani was in Davos, the first Iranian president to attend

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Last week President Rouhani was in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum, the extremely influential gathering of political leaders, economists, and journalists. This is historical. President Rouhani is the first Iranian leader to ever attend the meetings, and his hosts responded warmly. He was invited to address the gathering.

President Rouhani’s presence in Davos is very significant for Iran. It means the economy remains the government’s priority, and the strategy for delivering a decent standard of living to his countrymen means being friendly with the rest of the world. So, at last, Iranians will see their president net-working with other international leaders, rather than chanting xenophobic slogans at them.

If President Rouhani is successful and Iran’s economy improves all Iranians – including Christians - will benefit. Not only will their purses feel less bruised, but hardliners opposed to all dealings with the West will be weakened. This then might give President Rouhani the increased authority he needs to bring some moderation to the judiciary and the security forces.

Pray for:
• President Rouhani in Davos
• Iran’s economy to improve
• Moderation in the judiciary and security forces