Safar - A vision to impact the nations

Friday, June 29th, 2018

By God's grace we already have people using Safar in over twenty cities across Iran – and the number continues to grow. Technology is also allowing for hamsafars from outside of Iran to disciple people still in Iran. Our desire is to see deep one-to-one discipleship taking place all across Iran.

Over 50 Persian-speaking churches in countries neighbouring Iran are also already using Safar – and the number of hamsafars in these churches continues to grow. Our desire is to see every new believer across the Iran region engaged in one-to-one discipleship.

While we are grateful for all the Lord has done already, we are praying for even more fruit. We want Persian-speakers across the world to be able to use Safar to see more lives transformed.

Safar is now being used among Persian-speaking refugees in Europe. We’re excited to see the church being strengthened in these places, and pray that God will continue to use Safar to foster a culture of discipleship in the rapidly growing Persian-speaking church.

 Please praise the Lord with us for the impact that Safar is already having on lives, marriages, families, and church communities.

 Please pray that Safar would continue to have a significant impact amongst people and in places beyond Iran’s borders.