Salvation for Ali thanks to online Pentecost services

Monday, July 06th, 2020

Ali is a young man who works in the shipping industry in Iran.

In June 2020, he was browsing Instagram and - to his surprise - saw that many of his friends were sharing the same live video.

Intrigued, he clicked and began to watch. His heart leapt with excitement as he realised it was a Christian worship service being broadcast from a neighbouring country. 
Afterwards, Ali left an extraordinary message for the team organising the service: "I have been wanting to hear more about Jesus for three years," he said, "And today I found your service. Today, I prayed the prayer of salvation!"

Ali has since started to walk through the Safar discipleship journey with a fellow Christian in the region.

The service Ali stumbled across was one of a series of three online Sunday church services hosted to mark the occasion of Pentecost. The three services have been particularly evangelistic in emphasis: many believers invited non-Christian friends to join via Instagram, Telegram, YouTube and Facebook.

As a result, thousands of Iranians and Afghans heard the gospel preached in their own language during June. Many have put their faith in Christ.

One believer reported with excitement that he had invited four friends to join the services. None of them were believers and he hadn't been in touch with one of them for eight years. In the space of two weeks, all four of them have become Christians. This is the remarkable spiritual openness we continue to see across Iran and the wider region.

Please pray: 

  • For Ali and the others who have put their faith in Christ through the services;
  • For the people connecting with the new believers to help disciple them;
  • For ongoing online ministry to reach more with the Good News of Jesus.