Salvation, very much about marriages

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Mr. was a compulsive liar; Mrs. eventually asked him to leave and tried to get a divorce. Mr. became a Christian and pleaded for Mrs. to return. Mrs. at first refused, because it would all be more lies. But eventually she said she would visit him for a day or two to see if anything had really changed. Mr. had said he had given up smoking, Mrs. was doubtful. But when she visited Mr., it was true. He no longer smoked. As Mrs. stayed longer she realized her husband had changed, he was a new man. That didn’t mean she should become a Christian, and Mr. didn’t try and persuade her. Mr. prayed a lot. And at a Christian meeting Mrs. had an overwhelming experience of God. She too is a new wife. And Mr. and Mrs. New Christians are now serving in a church – faithful and passionate because they know that Jesus Christ is not just the Saviour of their souls, He is the Saviour of their marriage.

These are real people. And this saving of marriages is going on in the Persian speaking church. Praise God for his zeal for marriage. Of course couple have problems and there is a dearth of sensitive counsellors who can give time to this all important ministry. There is also a need for many more resources, and in a somewhat male dominated church, an absolute conviction that happy wives and marriages are the key to a happy church.

Pray for

• The Mr. and Mrs. New Christians building their marriages afresh
• Training of more counsellors
• More resources for marriage