Sanctions brewing abroad, difficult anniversary at home

Friday, May 28th, 2010

While severe sanctions against Iran over their nuclear programme are looming ever nearer at the UN, President Ahmadinejad’s government has presented its opponents with a deal to send their uranium to Turkey to ensure it will not be used for weapons. The US and her allies are not happy with the deal, so the sanctions are still on the table. With Iran’s economy already causing social problems (see Society Stressed) the last thing it needs is sanctions. As well as these problems abroad, the government also faces a difficult anniversary at home. On June 12th it’s one year since the presidential elections that sparked off the largest demonstrations since 1979. Already the authorities are issuing dire warnings to would be protesters. Given that some died in last year’s troubles, thousands were arrested, and at least two protesters have been executed it is likely people will take these warnings seriously. In the midst of this tension it is important the church witnesses to a God who is a ‘very present help in trouble’.

Pray for

  • Peaceful resolution to nuclear issue, without sanctions or worse
  • Safety on the streets on June 12th
  • Church to be able to share the refuge offered by Christ to many