Sanctions, danger for air passengers

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Sanctions, danger in the air

Iran’s air safety record is not brilliant. Since 2002 at least 474 passengers have been killed in air crashes. As well as weather conditions another reason given is the lack of spare parts for maintaining the aeroplanes. With the new sanctions just passed by the West this is going to get a whole lot worse. So much so that one of Iran’s most famous pilots Captain Hooshang Shahbazi, has launched an international campaign demanding sanctions on spare parts for civilian planes are lifted. Captain Shahbazi shot to international fame when he safely landed an Iran Air Boeing 727 without its front landing gear at Tehran’s Mehrabad airport on October 18th. There were no casualties.

Pray for

• Spare parts for civilian aircraft so Iranians can have safety in the air
• Overall maintenance of civilian fleets
• Wisdom of officials to improve safety.