Sanctions eased, crowds celebrate

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

There was a sea of smiles from ordinary Iranians at Tehran airport welcoming back the Foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, and his team after they had negotiated a nuclear truce. They were celebrating because the deal, which sees a very limited easing of sanctions, brings them concrete hope that their economic nightmare will end.

For air passengers there will be an immediate impact. Unable to get the necessary spare parts from Airbus or Boeing, safety in the skies has been an ongoing issue. Many planes are grounded. Now Iran is free to buy the spares and passengers can look forward to easier air travel with more seats and safer planes.

But for most people the hope is that the temporary truce will turn into a permanent agreement. Only then can they look forward to an improvement in the country’s infrastructure. Many will be hoping that better oil refineries will rid the country of the thick smog that regularly descends on their cities due to the petrol fumes. This keeps many at home and sends others to the hospital which happened this week.

The country’s Christians will benefit with everyone else. But there is more. A normalizing of Iran's relationship with the West is very likely to reduce the ongoing persecution against Christians.

Pray for:

• Economy to stabilize and prosper
• Improvements in infrastructure
• The benefits of the deal to translate into religious freedom