She asked God, "Please tell me your name"

Friday, September 24th, 2021

Nasrin was a devout Muslim woman, practicing Islam faithfully every day. However, she felt an emptiness that led her to pray, "I am trying to know you, but I'm not sure if you are real or not." She received no response.

Later, still distressed, she remembered hearing about the power of the God of the Bible so she decided to pray to Him, "Please tell me your name. I want to know if you are real."

Immediately, she heard a gentle voice say to her, "Jesus Christ is my real name."

That experience led Nasrin to seriously begin seeking Jesus. Before long, she met a Christian woman and asked her for a Bible, telling her, "I've heard Jesus Christ is the real name of God and I want to know Him."

After receiving a New Testament and hearing the Gospel, Nasrin trusted Christ and has been discipled using Safar. Today, she is faithfully sharing her faith and is set to receive additional training to help prepare her to serve as a church planter inside Iran.

*Nasrin is a pseudonym. Image for illustration only.