Something good to remember, it’s also a woman’s world.

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Ministry to women is important in any country: this is especially true in Iran. Since the spreading of the house church movement more than ten years ago women have played a crucial role in leadership and mentoring. There are almost certainly more women in these churches than men. And while generally all Iranians are open to the Gospel, women are especially so, not least because they see how their religion treats their gender. It is very different from the respect Jesus shows women in the Gospels.

Agencies that have made a point of creating ministries led by women for Iranian women have had great impact. Elam Ministries has trained numerous women through various courses. Many have gone on to lead house churches. There is of course a need for more training.

Elam Ministries also produces a half hour programme which includes biblical teaching and discussion forum facilitated by women. The programme called, ‘Women’s World’ is hosted by Rashin Soodmand, the daughter of the martyr Rev Hossein Soodmand. Her team are just about to start filming the third series. The programme is broadcast on the popular Mohabat channel where it is recognized as one of the few programme created especially for women.

Pray for

• More training opportunities for women
• More resources for women
• Impact of Christian TV for women