The story of a trained Iranian church planter

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Behrouz* was trained through Elam’s three-month leadership and church planting course, in a country near Iran, during 2016.

The day after he returned to Iran, Behrouz went to a park to pray, asking the Lord for an opportunity to share the Gospel. A stranger soon approached him, asking for a cigarette. Instead, Behrouz bravely handed him a New Testament.

Intrigued, the stranger revealed he was disillusioned with his own religion and that he’d been wrestling with whether to become a Christian or a Zoroastrian.

Right there in the park, he gave his heart to the Lord.  Behrouz continues to disciple this new believer.

During 2017, our goal is that at least 48 more emerging leaders like Behrouz will go through the three-month training course. Hundreds of others will receive training through two-week discipleship courses. Thousands will participate in discipleship conferences.

Those already serving in ministry will continue to receive advanced training and mentoring.

Please join us in praying for:

  • Protection and favor in the ministry of Behrouz
  • All Elam graduates bravely serving the Lord in Iran and the wider region
  • All those who will receive training during 2017

*Name altered for security reasons. Image for illustration only.