Summer conference season for the Diaspora, can still bless Iran

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Diaspora Christians in the US and Europe are in the middle of Iranian church conference season. And they are great occasions. They tend to have a packed schedule, as believers are keen to make the most of their days together. Worship is fervent, fellowship intense, and the teaching nearly always challenging. Hundreds would testify to renewing their relationship with God through these conferences, some to starting their Christian life at one. With the internet and satellite TV the blessings of these conferences, especially the teaching, are now being brought to the church in Iran. And usually there are guests from Iran, and so they return with the blessing.

Pray for

  •  All Iranian conferences – the preachers, worship leaders, organisers
  •  The blessings to flow back to Iran
  • For Iran soon to have the freedom to host Christian conferences