Summer time: Christians visiting and being visited.

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Families over the summer are getting together, and this means Iranians who have found Christ outside the country will be visiting Iran, or their families will be visiting them. These visits can result in not just close family members turning to Christ, but the entire family network. But these visits need to be bathed in prayer. Some families will be hostile that a loved one has become a Christian, others will be sceptical and will want to see what difference it has made in their life, others will be open, but spiritual warfare will rage in unexpected ways. With prayer now, these visits can have great impact. If others in the family do turn to Christ, then there also needs to be prayer so the new believers can grow in their faith.

Pray for

  • All Christians visiting families in Iran
  • Sensitivity when sharing the Gospel
  • Supernatural linking up of new believers to fellowships.