Swine flu, fairly restrained, but still closing schools

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Of the 6,000 plus killed by swine flu in the world, half these fatalities have been in North and South America. In Iran the impact of the disease has been very limited; so far only 33 so far have died of the virus. Nevertheless the authorities are not taking any chances. This week 271 schools have been closed across the greater Tehran area; there are reports of limiting the numbers of pilgrims going to Saudi Arabia for the Haj to keep out the disease; and the government has reportedly purchased over a million doses of medication to treat the disease. Like all deadly diseases swine flu is a good reminder of everyone’s final destination, and as was emphatically shown when Lazarus was raised from the dead, only Jesus Christ has the authority to escort us on this journey.

Pray for

  • Authorities as they plan to combat the disease
  • Those suffering to find healing
  • The church to preach Christ as the giver of eternal life