Teaching in house churches, books please.

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

If a group of Christians meeting in a house church can get hold of just one good teaching book, they use this to instruct the other members. With most of the believers having absolutely no previous knowledge of the Bible or Christianity, there is no doubt that solid Bible teaching is crucial for the health of the house church movement. The challenge, though, is for the international church to get that one book to the house church leader. The printing of Christian material in Iran is strictly illegal and a very dangerous activity. Sadly not all believers can access the growing library of electronic books, so the only option is sending literature into the country.

The dilemma here is that this same suitcase space is also needed to send in Scriptures. Which is more important? The best answer is that while Christians should have a Bible, or at least a New Testament, every church should at least have a library of good Christian literature. So some space must be reserved for the teaching books.

In recent years some great titles have been translated. Among the new titles from Elam Ministries are Paul Little’s outstanding apologetics book, ‘Know Why You Believe’, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s classic, ‘The Cost of Discipleship’, and Richard Baukham’s, ‘Theology of the Book of Revelation.’ It is impossible to over emphasize the benefit good Christian books have, so let us plead with God that superb teaching titles will find their way into the hands of the growing house churches, and that more believers will be able to download books electronically.

Pray for:

• Christian books to get to church leaders in Iran
• Books to impact believers
• More titles to be translated and published.