Tehran’s Metro, transfer of control could signal problems

Saturday, December 05th, 2009

Getting around Tehran used to be stressful as grid-lock was the norm. But then in 1999 the long awaited Metro opened and is now used by over a million passengers a day travelling on five lines. The service is clean, efficient, and it has had a major impact on lessening traffic congestion. At present the Tehran Metro is operated by the municipal council, but President Ahmadinejad wants it to come under the central government. And this has started alarm bells ringing because the central government is responsible for developing underground transport in other major cities, where it is said progress is slow. Ordinary passengers are not concerned with who operates the service, only that it is efficient – and safe. Tehran is built on several fault lines, so extra spending on protection is crucial. Christians, like everyone else, enjoy the Metro, not least because they often end up sitting next to people who might like to talk.

Pray for

  • Ongoing success of Tehran’s Metro
  • Safety and protection
  • Christians to have many good journeys