Tehran and Damascus: much to pray and work for.

Friday, July 27th, 2012

The governments of Iran and Syria are close. So when news of the murderous mayhem in Syria first emerged, it was no surprise that the Iranian government supported the position of Damascus and said the terror was the work of ‘foreign agents’.

Motive for their view is easy to understand. The West and her Arab allies want to weaken Iran’s influence in the Middle East as much as possible. A change of government in Syria, host to Iran’s Hezbollah and Tehran’s only friend in the region, would certainly do that.

So Tehran has continued to support President Assad. And if there was a change of government in Syria, there is every reason to believe that Iran would fight hard to defend its interests there.

There is much for Christians concerned about Iran to pray about; not least that the violence in Syria does not trigger a wider conflict in the region

Since 2010, Iranians do not need an entry visa for Syria. They can travel there freely. This means that Iranian Christians can be sent to show the love of Christ to all groups involved in the Syrian conflict. These people’s lives are being shaken; they need to hear the Gospel which has its own authority. But – as has been seen in other countries – when an Iranian preaches the Gospel to Middle Easterners, ears open just a little bit wider.

Pray for
• End of violence
• Protection of Christians
• Iranian Christians to preach the Gospel in Syria