Tehran shuts down; it’s air pollution (again)

Tuesday, January 08th, 2013

On Saturday (5th January 2013) life in Tehran virtually ground to a halt. It was the smog again. It was virtually impossible to move around, and for those with breathing problems, life became very dangerous. Already for the year March 2011 – March 2012 there are reports that over 4,000 people have died as a result of the air pollution.

There are two main reasons for the smog. First there is the badly refined petrol and diesel Iran uses. And then the vast majority of the cars made in Iran do not have fuel efficient engines. Most of them do not have catalytic converters. Both these issues could be addressed with a determined attitude among the authorities and proper investment. Until there is decent fuel and better domestic engines, we should expect more suffering.

A city wide disaster like a smog which suddenly gives people time off work means that strangers will start talking to each other. No doubt Christians will be taking advantage of this.

Pray for

• Determination for authorities to deal with dangerous pollution
• Christians to seize opportunities to share the Gospel
• Families of those who have suffered