Tehran: too many people, too many apartments, too expensive – and an earthquake is due

Tuesday, April 05th, 2011

Last week President Ahmadinejad heavily criticized the way Iran’s capital was developing. He said, “There are few cities, as large as Tehran, in the world in which people enjoy the lowest quality of life in apartments, while facing the highest cost of living.” A lot of Tehranis would agree with him. In recent years there has been a property boom, making accommodation very expensive. Christians, who often face employment challenges, are caught up in this. A clear solution, alluded to by the President, was to develop accommodation outside the city. The likelihood of an earthquake in Tehran adds urgency to this. From the government’s point of view, the more people who move out of Tehran the better.

Pray for

  • Government planners to ease expense of accommodation in Tehran
  • Wisdom in dealing with threat of earthquake
  • Christians struggling financially in an expensive city