Ten of Amir's family are now worshiping Jesus

Friday, July 07th, 2017

Meet Amir. Amir is in his 70s and lives in Tehran.

Amir's son Mehdi* is a refugee in a country near to Iran. Recently Amir was surprised to receive an insistent invitation from Mehdi: "Papa, you must come and visit me."

Because of his age and health, Amir was reluctant, but finally agreed. “I didn't know why I was making this long journey.” On arrival, Amir learnt that his son had become a Christian after meeting Iranian believers from an Elam-supported church in his new city.

"Mehdi took me to church," explains Amir, "And at church God spoke to me in a mighty way." That very night, Amir gave his heart to the Lord. “Now I know why I had to come all the way here,” beams Amir, who has since returned home.

Today, ten members of Amir and Mehdi’s family are worshipping Jesus.

Please join us in praying for

  • Amir, Mehdi and their family as they grow in their new faith
  • More trained Christian leaders to serve in the Iran region
  • The ministry of the numerous refugee churches near Iran, including Mehdi's