Theological Training, still a conundrum

Monday, September 05th, 2011

How to give a promising Iranian Christian some theological training? Inside the country there are obvious practical problems. A recognised church can start classes, but less than happy government officials will interfere. The house churches are vibrant, but they have to work hard to keep their own meetings secret, keeping a whole training programme below the radar would be very challenging. A lot can be achieved by the internet and satellite TV, though it is not face to face. Also a lot of good can come by bringing a student out of the country, though there are dangers. However, for a grounding in theology, probably the best solution in these present circumstances, are intense short term courses, boosted by conferences with lots of personal contact.

Pray for:

• Wisdom for all those concerned about theological training
• God’s anointing on all that is happening at present
• Those called to find the right course for them