Third anniversary of Farshid's imprisonment, a call to prayer

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

On the third anniversary of his imprisonment in Iran, we will be praying for Farshid's release and for ongoing strength for him and his family. Will you join with us on December 26th, 2013 as we pray? On Boxing Day, united prayer will rise up for Farshid, and the many other imprisoned Iranian Christians whom he represents. Three years after his imprisonment, we are calling on thousands to pray for Farshid Fathi's miraculous release. If early release is not in God's plan, then we pray for strength and encouragement for Farshid and his family WILL YOU PRAY WITH US? Prayer prompts will be put out on facebook on 26 December, so do 'like' the page and keep up to date. Here are some guidelines on how to pray for Farshid and others in prison: Pray for: • Protection by the whole 'Armour of God’, especially in their minds and spirits • Steadfast endurance to stand firm • Recognition and rejection of all false accusation and manipulation • Complete dependence on the Lord and protection from fear • Miracles, visions of Jesus and of heaven • Compassion towards their persecutors • Words of wisdom and knowledge when responding to interrogation • Trust to place into the Lord's hands their families and church members • Strength to witness boldly to other prisoners and interrogators • Access to scripture and opportunity to speak to their loved ones Pray for their Persecutors: • Conviction of wrong and fear of harming prisoners • Confused and futile reasoning when interrogating • Hunger to know Jesus Pray for other Prisoners: • Conviction of sin • Clear witness to them • Repentance and salvation