Thousands of New Testaments given out; no refusals

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

In the run up to the Persian New Year and Easter one Iranian church in the region gave out over 4,000 New Testaments. Other churches also got involved in Scripture distribution. Despite all the hostility directed against active Christianity by the government, there has been no reports of even one of these New Testaments being refused – again proving the deep love Iranians have for the written Gospel of Jesus Christ. Given that often whole families will share a Gospel, it is likely that these 4,000 New Testaments, all with a clear salvation message, will be read by 10,000 or more people.

Churches have also been full. Between 250 – 300 people gathered to hear the Gospel message in one city in the region. Newcomers came forward to give their lives to Christ. Despite the on-going crackdown in Iran, this remains a season of harvest.

Pray for

• New Testaments to bring thousands to faith.
• Follow up for those who have recently turned to Christ.
• Printing of more New Testaments.