Three executions a day: a dark shadow over the whole country

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

In 2015 to date Iran’s judiciary has ordered the execution of well over 400 Iranians. This means three people on average are judicially killed every day. Most have died by being hanged. Some of these executions happen in public places.

These public executions broadcast a simple and brutal message to every Iranian: the state can kill you if it wants to.

The ‘if it wants to’ is true because all the major human rights organisations (Amnesty International; Human Rights Watch; International Federation for Human Rights) underline that the executions often happen without a proper legal procedure, and for vague crimes, such as ‘enmity against God’, which could be applied to almost any action.

So the shadow of execution hangs over every Iranian – especially Christians.

Pray for

  • All on death row, that they will meet Jesus
  • Families of those on death row, and those who have been executed
  • Government to use execution for only extreme crimes