‘Time for Worship’: Used in house churches across Iran

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

“With this program we can worship in a new way.”

Elam’s new TV program ‘Time for Worship’ is proving very popular with believers in Iran and beyond.  Most house churches in Iran have no one to lead worship. This program is designed to give Christians and house churches a weekly, fresh worship experience in which they can participate.

Each half-hour episode of 'Time for Worship' features Iranian musicians Roozbeh and Vahid leading a session of Persian-language worship. A fresh episode of the thirteen-part series is being broadcast to Iran each week during spring 2016.

Since it began being broadcast into Iran in January 2016, ‘Time for Worship’ has been warmly received by Iranian believers. One lady reported she was using the program to worship God in her home during the day. A pastor got in contact to beg the team to not stop producing the program. Another pastor recommended all his house fellowships should use it weekly.

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  • Many to enjoy worshiping God through the program
  • All Iranian music ministry programs
  • Series two in post-production