Tourists, let’s give them something

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Keen evangelists know a bus/rail station or airport is a good place to work, for this is where people arrive from ‘closed’ countries and can be given a New Testament and some Christian literature. Though Iranians face fairly severe visa requirements, they still travel – a lot. Thirty nine international airlines operate out of Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airport to Europe, South America, and Asia. Some of the countries Iranians are flying to, like the Gulf States or China, are as closed as Iran. But others, like India or Holland, are completely open. There is nothing to stop churches meeting Iranians off a flight with a welcome to their country, and the present of a New Testament in Persian. Some Iranians travel by bus to neighbouring countries – Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan. These countries need more sensitivity, but wise Christians can still be creative when those weary travellers get off their dusty bus.

Pray for

  • Churches near airports to be active in evangelizing Iranian visitors
  • Wisdom for Christians who can meet bus passengers
  • Supply of New Testaments