Training, a balancing act on at least three tight ropes

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Training Iranian church leaders for ministry is not an easy task – there are at least three tight ropes that those involved have to overcome. First, there is the logistical tight rope, balancing the need for training with the need for security. On this rope if you get the ‘who to be trained and the where to be trained wrong’ there can be a nasty fall. Then there is the spiritual tight rope where new believers come with much experience of direct revelation, but they clearly need solid Bible teaching… but you do not want that keen sensitivity to the Lord’s voice to be dulled. And finally there is the character tight rope, for as the apostle Paul says, ‘knowledge puffs up’. So the trainee needs knowledge and brokenness. Not every trainer has the courage to be an instrument for that breaking to happen.

Pray for

  • All ministries involved in training Iranian Christians for church work
  • Constant protection
  • Teaching that is builds servant leadership