Travellers, may they encourage those who stayed at home

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

The summer holidays are ending so this is the week when visitors to Iran from the Diaspora will be going back to mainly Europe and the USA and likewise visitors from Iran to the Diaspora will be returning home. There will be new members of Jesus’ family travelling in both directions; they now need to remain faithful at home. And some of the Christians visiting Europe and the USA will have been to conferences. They need to encourage those back in Iran with the teaching they received.

Those who have visited Iran will have seen more of how the church is growing there. They need to encourage the church in the Diaspora: to keep their own faith fresh, and to give more support. A very important part of travelling is ‘soghati’ – presents for those back home. With such limited access in Iran to the Scriptures and Christians books, the presents Christians give can make a real difference.

Pray for:

  • Those who have become Christians, either in Iran or in the Diaspora, to remain faithful
  • The teaching received by visitors to Europe and the USA to inspire those at home
  • For many good presents to be given out.