TV follow up, logistics and anointing

Thursday, December 06th, 2012

In TV ministry there is the hard work of preparation and studio filming – and then comes the joy: the phone call or email or text from someone touched by the program. A new friendship begins.

But it takes careful logistics for TV follow up to work well. As well as having all the contact facilities in place – emails, phones, texting, websites – wise judgement is needed on when follow up staff should be manning the phones. This isn’t always so straightforward because of the time difference between countries, and the very late hour some programs are broadcast.

Careful logistics – and anointing. No call is a normal call. For many picking up the phone this will be the first time they have ever talked to a Christian; others will have difficult problems; others will have difficult questions. So there is a need for anointing and heavenly wisdom for those in the follow-up ministry.

Christian TV is continuing to have a massive impact in Iran, and the follow-up teams are playing a crucial role in this.

Pray for

• Protection of communication between viewers and counselors
• Wisdom in planning
• Anointing for follow-up staff