Two big risks of alcohol: execution and death

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Increasing numbers of Iran’s young people are being rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment for alcohol abuse. Many of them have attempted to distil their own alcohol at home. It’s a cause for much concern and prayer, for these hearts are crying out for the hope and meaning that Jesus brings.

High unemployment, lack of opportunities, rising prices, oppressive government - to escape these pressures, young people are consuming increasing amounts of alcohol. But alcohol is banned in Iran. Getting caught with it three times can carry the death penalty. Many don’t seem to care and continue to hold parties where it flows freely. Alcohol on the black market costs a lot, so many young people distil liquor themselves, which is more affordable. But they often take dangerous shortcuts or adulterate the product, making the consumption of alcohol even more dangerous and destructive than usual.

The Islamic Republic does not have a plan to fight addiction. The state takes strict action against alcohol smuggling, but even if the black market were successfully closed, the reasons people drink would not go away. Ultimately it’s a matter of the heart, and only Jesus can bring healing for this raw and open wound.

Pray for
• Addicts to find hope and restoration in Jesus
• Young people to resist the temptation of alcohol
• Decline in hospitalizations and deaths from alcohol abuse