Unemployment, worse for the young

Monday, October 05th, 2009

Unemployment in Iran is officially running at about 12.5% which is comparable to other countries in the Middle East, and better than Europe’s Spain which is suffering about 17.5% unemployment these days. Examine the Iran figures a little closer and there is some good news: the unemployment rate is less than 5% for the over thirties. This means the bad news is if you are under thirty. Here some reports say that of the several million jobless, about three quarters are the young.

They are the worse hit. This means that young adults have to remain living at home, and most difficult of all, it means marriage has to be postponed. Very sensibly in the Iranian culture a man must prove to his future in laws that he can support his wife, if he can not, then there are problems.

Pray for

  • Young people with time on their hands to find out about Christ
  • For the church to use the time of members without work
  • The government to be given wisdom to create more jobs