Universities, not to be places that encourage ‘doubt’.

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

The Supreme Leader has asked for a review of the human sciences curriculum (subjects such as Economics, Psychology, and Sociology). He believes that much of their content is based on a Western materialistic world view and so could encourage ‘doubt and disbelief in Islamic principles.’ His request is a reminder that the government, especially in the aftermath of the disputed election, wants to keep a firm hand on the universities. Christians would agree partially with Ayatollah Khamenei. They too would not want Iran’s thousands of students to take on a materialistic world view which denies the creation of man in God’s image. Atheism only causes chaos and cruelty as the history of communism shows. However Christians would also know that forcing religious principles on young people has no lasting impact. A truly lasting experience of God happens only when the living Christ enters someone’s heart. It is important that Christians pray for this to happen across Iran’s many institutes of higher education as students return this summer to their courses, many of them bitterly disillusioned with what has been happening in their country in the name of religion.

Pray for

  • Iran’s thousands of students to hear the Gospel
  • For a vital faith in the living God to sweep across Iran’s universities
  • That disillusionment does not decay into atheism