UPDATE: Growth of new house church

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Over a month ago, we shared the exciting news that a new house church had been born in Iran.* The church had begun through a providential meeting between the brother of an Elam graduate, and Amir, a new believer. And thanks to this meeting, Amir was able to connect with Babak, the Elam graduate.

Babak has called weekly to teach and pastor Amir and seven other new believers ever since this young church started meeting in April.

And now the church is growing.

They started as eight. Now they are twenty.

Praise God that he is blessing this house church with amazing growth, and praise God that pastors like Babak have had the opportunity to be trained and equipped for important ministry such as this.

Pray for

  • Continued growth in maturity, and in numbers
  • Similar ministries of other Elam graduates
  • Students being trained now for ministry

*Read the original story