Vahik Abrahamian released; Farshid Fathi still in prison

Monday, September 05th, 2011

After nearly a year in prison Armenian Iranian pastor Vahik Abrahamian was released from Hamadan prison on Monday August 29th 2011. According to reports from Christian press agencies his health is fragile after his prison ordeal. He joins his wife Sonia who was also in prison with him from September 2010 till April. When Sonia was taken out of the prison she was told that her husband would join her in ten days. The ten days turned out to be four months. It is not appropriate to use the word ‘free’. There has been no official dismissal of their case. The couple will have their every move monitored. And the authorities can re-arrest them whenever they want to. When they were taken into custody in September 2010 with two other believers the local government media alleged they were Zionist Christians. This is not true. They are ordinary Christians who believe along with nearly two billion others that Jesus Christ saves people from sin. Vahik, an ex-drug addict, most certainly knows this is true. He only wants to share with others what Christ has done for him. He has no political agenda whatsoever.
While Vahik has been released, Farshid Fathi, arrested with many others during the 2010 Christmas period, remains in prison. It is reported that his visitations rights have been cancelled. The world-wide church is extremely concerned about Farshid Fathi who has spent eight months in prison.

Pray for

• Restoration of Vahik after his time in prison
• Release of Farshid
• End of government persecution of Christians.