Iran 30

Discover, Pray, Transform

  • Tuesday, March 20th, 2018
    At a recent youth conference in the Iran region, 36 teenage Iranians were challenged to ‘give God their yes’: to surrender their whole lives to loving and following Jesus. We praise God that at least five young people made a commitment to follow the Lord for the first time. All the young people were deeply hungry to learn more about Jesus and follow him wholeheartedly. One young man who became... Read more
  • Friday, February 23rd, 2018
    A number of women across Iran have been publicly protesting against the compulsory hijab (head scarf). In a movement which began on 27th December 2017, women have been removing their head coverings in public and posting images and videos of themselves on social media as acts of civil disobedience. The government has now arrested dozens of these women, dubbed ‘The Girls of Revolution Street... Read more
  • Tuesday, March 20th, 2018
    The judge who heard the court appeal of Iranian Christians Eskandar Rezaie and Suroush Saraie on 8th March is expected to issue his verdict soon. The two Christian defendants have been charged with “acting against national security”. Suroush faced an additional charge of “forgery,” as the pastor of a church in Shiraz, for issuing letters for the children of Christian converts seeking exemption from Islamic... Read more
  • Thursday, January 04th, 2018
    Elam Ministries and Iranian Christians are asking the global church to intercede for Iran following the recent popular protests that swept through the country. From 28 December 2017, many Iranian cities and towns witnessed popular protests for several days. Clashes with the authorities led to at least 21 people being killed, and as many as one thousand protestors may have been arrested. Iran’s state media... Read more