Weekly Fellowship: "I learned God wants to use even me"

Monday, September 28th, 2020

New believer Hassan was burdened by guilt. Before coming to Christ, he had lived a life of promiscuity, seeking out relationships with many women. So Hassan was convinced God could not use him.

Then, one week, Hassan's fellowship group gathered and used Elam's 'Weekly Fellowship' resource to structure their meeting. As Hassan listened to the recorded sermon from the book of Joshua about how Rahab was used by God, his heart raced. He felt that God was speaking directly to him through the message.

By the end of the meeting, Hassan knew that God wanted to use even him, despite his past. He is now eager to serve Christ and His church.

Hassan is one of hundreds of new believers in the Iran region who are being impacted by the 'Weekly Fellowship' resource. 'Weekly Fellowship' provides a meeting outline especially for small groups who want to gather as a local expression of the body of Christ, but who do not have a trained pastor among them. A recorded sermon, songs and application questions for group discussion are provided as part of the meeting outline each week.

 Give thanks for the 'Weekly Fellowship' resource and pray for the many groups that are using it.

 Pray that the team developing this resource every week would be guided by the Spirit to the themes and messages most needed by the Iranian church.