What shall we do tonight? Watch a film

Thursday, July 08th, 2010

Surveys say Iranians watch about eleven movies a month – on DVD and at the cinema. The number is probably higher. Films, foreign and domestic, are the entertainment of choice. A new Christian TV programme, called ‘Avaye Cinema’ (The Scent of Cinema) aims to attract viewers who have this interest in film. The programme reviews recent movies and gives film news, and at the same time gives the Christian view on a major theme in some of the films looked at. The programme is being shown on the Mohabat satellite TV channel which has had great impact in recent years.

            This love of films is a great opportunity for Iranian Christian film makers. To date only Joseph Hovsepian, has made a serious attempt to impact the film world. To date he has made four films, his latest, ‘Cry From Iran’ was a moving documentary on the life and martyrdom of his father, Bishop Haik Hovsepian-Mehr. It won several awards.

Pray for

  • Avaye Cinema programme to attract many viewers
  • Joseph Hovsepian’s future films
  • More Iranian Christians to enter the film business.