Why a 10 year old now reads his Bible

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

“Behrang reads his Bible more now,” says one smiling Christian parent about her 10 year old son, following an Elam children’s conference, “He’s calmer and more attentive.” Behrang had previously been too hyperactive and uninterested to sit and focus on his Bible, but the conference prompted a profound change and gave him an excitement for getting to know Jesus.

Elam’s children’s ministry team is dedicated to equipping Iranian churches to reach children like Behrang. Schools in Iran tend to teach children very didactically, so when children and parents come to an Elam children’s conference, they are blown away to discover that learning can be fun, interactive, and energetic whilst still edifying and informative. Elam has a vision to see every Iranian church equipped to provide interactive, exciting and child-focused teaching each week, and is working tirelessly to train new children’s workers. It’s revolutionizing Iranian children’s experiences of church and engaging them with Jesus like never before.

But there’s a great need for more willing hearts and hands, and more children’s resources, like the new illustrated Action Bible in Persian. The kids go wild for this Bible- they just don’t want to put it down, but so many more households would love to own a copy. Please join us in praying that these needs would be met, so that this strategic ministry can increasingly reach and disciple the next generation of Iranian believers.

Pray for:
• More passionate leaders for children’s work
• Funds for another batch of Action Bibles to be sent
• More children to come to Christ