Widespread protests - pray for those affected

Thursday, December 19th, 2019
You may be aware that ongoing popular protests sprang up across Iran in mid-November. Initially sparked by a sudden rise in fuel prices, the protestors soon started expressing a broader range of grievances.
We would like to ask you to pray for the nation of Iran at this time of confusion, deep frustration, and grief. We have heard many stories from people who have suffered greatly over the past few weeks. Various sources estimate that hundreds of protestors have died as a result of the government's crackdown, including some children.
 Please pray especially for those grieving the loss of family or friends, for those injured, and for families searching for missing loved ones.
 Pray also for Christians seeking to be a light in the darkness and a comfort to those who are scared or grieving.
Whatever these protests may signify about the future of Iran's political landscape, Elam was founded with the conviction that whoever sits on earthly thrones, Jesus reigns from His heavenly throne.
Our name, Elam, is taken from Jeremiah 49:38 where God says, “I will set my throne in Elam.” (Elam was a key province in the Persian empire.) So our name is a statement of faith that the Lord will keep his promise and have his way in Iran. It is a prayer that his Kingdom will indeed come to Iran. 
That is why whatever the political circumstances, our mission remains the same: to strengthen and expand the church in the Iran region and beyond.