Wonderful Websites, but wisdom is needed

Tuesday, April 05th, 2011

Websites are wonderful for Christians. They can share the Gospel, give Bible teaching, encourage with pastoral advice Iranians all over the country – as long as they fly carefully, under the censor’s radar. And with email and skype there is no need for this to be impersonal. Thousands are being reached in ways just twenty years ago people would barely dream of. But wisdom is needed. It is one thing to launch a website, quite another to attract traffic. Agencies need a lot of wisdom to know both which sort of websites are going to be effective, and also, how to make them known. Probably this week a Christian somewhere is preparing a website for evangelism or teaching for Iranians. They will be writing, choosing pictures, talking with web-designers. They need our prayers for wisdom.

Pray for

  • All those involved in web ministry
  • Wisdom
  • Anointing