Yeganeh's story: a family made new in the light of Christ

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

Yeganeh grew up in a Muslim family in Iran.

Five years ago, a colleague, Ahmad, shared the gospel with her and gave her a New Testament. As she read the Word she saw love and light. Ahmad introduced her to another Christian friend, Rosa, who prayed with her to commit her life to Christ.

At first, her family rejected Yeganeh’s new faith in Jesus. But after becoming a Christian, Yeganeh said she always felt Jesus’ presence and had no more fear.

Yeganeh later married Ahmad, the same colleague who had first shared Christ with her. Her parents knew he was a Christian so they didn’t support the marriage.

More recently, Yeganeh was able to attend a 3-month course with Elam, and upon returning to Iran, many members of her family became Christians. Yeganeh and Ahmad started a house church which has now grown to 12 people.

Yeganeh is using Safar to do one-to-one discipleship with a number of women. She often talks about Jesus and has seen other friends come to Jesus after praying and sharing.

Please join us in praying with Yeganeh for wisdom to know how to love and help the women she is discipling, and continued strength to serve and minister to others.

Please also pray for:

  • Yeganeh and Ahmad as they serve together as leaders of the house church
  • Protection over the house church and all its members
  • Praise God that they have a house where they are able to host church meetings. Please pray that He would continue to provide for their every need.